We'll Connect you to the best.

At Top Tier Talent we understand that every position is different so we take a highly customized approach to recruitment. Many roles will require specific headhunting to find an individual who can add a certain value, while some positions require a broad network and a strong pipeline of top talent to fill roles quickly with the best candidates on the market. We also partner with many organizations that are always in need of specific skill sets, so that we can make them aware of incredible talent as it becomes available. Whatever your organization’s needs, we are here to work with you to build your talent pool to the top tier!

Our network consists of both passive & active candidates.

We maintain a large database of candidates that are actively seeking new opportunities as well as top level talent in the market who are currently employed, but open to hearing about new opportunities that may be an ideal fit. We often find that the best candidates are not currently unemployed but are thriving in their current roles and are looking for assistance in identifying opportunities for growth and change in their careers.

We oversee presentation & negotiation.

Each resume that is sent to our clients includes a full candidate profile citing transferable skills and compensation expectations to ensure that there are no surprises at end stages. We will not send you candidates who have already applied. We conduct thorough pre-screening interviews with our candidates to ensure that we are presenting them with the right opportunity and we have amazing results in getting offers signed.

We’re tech wizards.

We thoroughly vet our candidates’ backgrounds by obtaining references from leaders within their organizations—we are great at flushing out relevant information.

We employ active headhunting calls.

We use market research to find the best talent available in the market and use a personal approach to informing top talent about market opportunities. As a third party, we can confidentially find out if top candidates may be open for a change and assess them for fit for new opportunities.

We make respectful headhunting calls.

Our mission is to enthusiastically search for—and find—top level talent for your organization. We will always respect the time and privacy of the candidates that we make contact with, even making calls after hours to ensure their comfort and convenience.

We check references & then we check again.

We’re trained as experts in Boolean, which is an Internet language for searching specific requirements. We also utilize AI for candidate sourcing and storage, high quality ATS and CRM, as well as Linkedin Recruiter for full market access, video meetings, ultra-quick reference and criminal background checks, third party assessment knowledge and experience

We get great referrals.

Because of the well-respected reputation we have in the market and our trusted alliances, we are constantly receiving ongoing referrals for high-level candidates that cannot be found through job advertisements.