Creating an effective & engaging new resume, the Top Tier way!

Resume formats have changed a lot in the last 10 (even 5) years, and that’s why many people searching for new jobs find updating their current resume to be a daunting task. Hiring managers all have different preferences and expectations of a well-crafted resume, so how do you build one that resonates with them, is attractive and effective and won’t get shoved to the bottom of the pile?

We’ve got your back! Here’s some helpful advice about how to create a resume that will get the attention of the people you need to target.

1. Position Title. Under your name, place the position title that aligns with the position you are applying for. This lets future employers know immediately that you consider yourself to be the type of employee that they’re looking for.

2. Profile Summary. Your profile summary should be short and sweet. As in, one or two sentences that describe who you are and what you’re looking for without taking more than a couple of seconds to read.

3. Work Experience. The company, position and dates of employment should be clear and easy to read. Give your completed resume to a family member or friend to review and ensure they have no confusion about where, when and where you worked.

4. Workplace Descriptions. A short sentence describing what the companies you’ve worked with do is a good idea. This is vital when your past employer may not be well-known by everyone in the job market.  

5. Description of Duties. The bulk of content under each position you held should be accomplishment focused. There is an understandable tendency to list every responsibility you held underneath each position, but this is actually ineffective. Why? Because employers will typically already understand all the responsibilities of a job when they read the title and know what type of company it is. Also, your resume is not meant to list every single activity you have performed throughout your career, it is meant to broadly showcase your accomplishments and successes so that employers will want to engage with you and find out more by inviting you to an interview.

6. Use a Free Template. There are hundreds of attractive, well-organized, free templates online that will help to make your resume great. If you have trouble fitting your information into one or two pages, use a resume template that makes use of a column format. This allows your education and skills to be placed alongside your experience, rather than having to decide what should come first.

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Need a bit more help? Top Tier Talent can create the perfect resume for you. As professionals who have looked at countless resumes ourselves, we know what it takes to put one together that will be eye-catching and have employers eager to meet you. We will first conduct a video meeting/interview to get to know you and find out about exactly what you’re looking for. Then we will target your skills and highlight your experiences to craft a professional resume that is guaranteed to get you noticed by the employers you are targeting in your search.

If you are interested in having us craft a custom resume for you, we can do that. Cost for this service is $150 per resume.

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